Software And Resources

Name Category Maintainers Features
CGAL geometry CGAL Project computational geometry algorithms library providing many geometric algorithms and data structures
Ipe geometry Otfried Cheong extensible drawing editor
Voro++ geometry Chris Rycroft 3D Voronoi tessellations
PHAT topology Ulrich Bauer, Michael Kerber, Jan Reininghaus persistent homology
Python Mapper topology Daniel Millner and Aravindakshan Babu tool chain using mapper algorithm
R-TDA topology Jisu Kim statistical analysis with persistent homology
ReebGraph topology Yusu Wang randomized algorithms for building Reeb graphs
Denali topology Justin Eldridge contour trees
DisPerse topology Thierry Sousbie structure identification in presence of noise
Gudhi topology Gudhi Project persistent homology
JavaPlex topology Applied Topology persistent homology
Recon topology Harish Doraiswamy fast algorithm to compute Reeb graphs
MSComplex topology Nithin Shivashankar, Vijay Natarajan 2D and 3D Morse-Smale complex